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West Grey reports productive AMO conference

Posted On: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

West Grey reports productive AMO conference

WEST GREY, ON—Mayor Christine Robinson and members of the West Grey council returned from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference in Ottawa inspired by the connections made and the information gathered at this important annual event.

The AMO conference brings municipalities and provincial ministries together to meet, network and discuss initiatives for the betterment of communities across Ontario.

“West Grey was able to take full advantage of this important gathering of elected officials and staff from across the province,” said Mayor Robinson. “We return knowing our voice was heard and the relationships developed will continue to grow.”

Mayor Robinson led the West Grey delegations with provincial ministers and staff which discussed advancing significant matters for the municipality. For example, Mayor Robinson outlined the necessity for provincial grants to use fair funding formulas for rural areas and the importance of enhanced communication between governments. West Grey also presented an initiative that would see West Grey’s many bridges reimagined as tourism opportunities. As well, West Grey explored the specific needs of rural organics and recycling programs and how the municipality could play a leading role with environmental issues in partnership with the province.

“West Grey has a great story to tell, and it was wonderful connecting with our provincial partners,” Mayor Robinson said. “Many important conversations started at this conference, and I am committed to continuing the dialogue with the contacts we have established.”



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