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Water & Sewer

Address:402813 Grey Rd 4 RR2 Durham ON N0G 1R0

Steve AyerhartUtilities Supervisor519-369-3243 ext.

Utilities Supervisor: Steve Ayerhart
Email: sayerhart@westgrey.com
Phone: 519-369-3243 (Depot)
Emergencies: 519-369-4343

Public Works Assistant: Joyce Nuhn
Email: jnuhn@westgrey.com
Phone: 519-369-2200 or 1-800-538-9647, ext 224

Main Contact: Brent Glasier, Director of Infrastructure & Public Works
Email: blglasier@westgrey.com
Phone: 519-369-2200 or 1-800-538-9647, ext 227
Address: 402813 Grey Rd 4, RR 2 Durham ON N0G 1R0

The Municipality of West Grey has water & sewer systems in the Town of Durham and Neustadt. All other residents within the municipality are on private individual wells and septic systems. Water & sewer bills are due every 3 months; January, April, July & October. Bills are based on a minimum flat rate (depending on the size of the meter) plus volumetric charge based on water consumption.

Winter Weather Waterworks Notice

A reminder to users of the Durham & Neustadt Water Systems: In the colder winter temperatures , it is extremely important to make sure that your water lines are protected from the cold.

  • Ensure that the area around the water meter is heated and protected from freezing. (Any damage to private water lines and/or meter is at the homeowner’s expense)
  • If you are not permanent resident ensure home is kept above freezing and that someone is checking the heat regularly.
  • Leave any natural snow cover on or around the water lines under the ground, and near the outside wall where the lines run into the home, as this will insulate the ground from the cold.

If prevention of frozen lines is required, the resident will be notified in writing with a work order by the Municipality of West Grey. 

View our Water & Sewer Rates.

When excavating to install fences, repair driveways, plant trees etc., contact Ontario ON1CALL at 1-800-400-2255.

Water Hydrant Flushing

The flushing of hydrants in Durham & Neustadt occurs periodically from May through to September 30 on an annual basis. Please check the water colour prior to doing your laundry.  Some residents may experience low water pressure and discolouration.



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